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Pine Hills Federated Republican Women

Happy Portrait

BeBe Ford

Founder & President

Belinda "BEBE" Ford is a Pastor, business owner, and passionate advocate for the unborn. She has a unique ability to empower women living in poverty and connect with those who are abortion-minded. Her dedication to the cause has resulted in saving countless babies from abortion and transforming the lives of women through Christ.

As the founder and Executive Director of the Fiona Jackson Center for Pregnancy, Belinda has made it her mission to provide care and support to pregnant women in need. She also dedicated five years to local youth and evangelistic ministries as an Associate Pastor, where she worked tirelessly to bring hope and healing to young people in her community.

In addition to her work with the Fiona Jackson Center, Belinda serves as the Chairperson for Kicking Cancer, an organization dedicated to bringing awareness to at-risk individuals in the community. She is also an Advisor to the Board of House of Timothy, providing guidance and support to the organization's leadership.

Belinda is a gifted speaker and uses her platform to spread the message of "The Significance of the Womb" and advocate for the abolition of abortion in America and beyond. She currently serves on the board of Young Lives as leader of community outreach. Belinda is an ordained minister and a graduate of International Seminary, where she earned Associate Degrees in both Practical and Advanced Theology in 2012.

Belinda is a proud mother of two wonderful children. Through her work and personal life, she is a shining example of the transformative power of faith, hope, and love.

Amania Saluste

Vice President

Amania Saluste was born from humble beginnings in Haiti. The family moved to the Turks and Caicos Islands and later migrated to America and settled in New Jersey in pursuit of a better life. Amania grew to love the American way of life, where she learned that anything was attainable if you believed it, had confidence in your abilities and worked hard. She pursued a career in Real Estate to help others achieve the American dream of home ownership. To further her formal education, in 2010 Amania earned her Degree in Urban Studies Public Policy at St Peters University in Jersey City, New Jersey. In 2016, Amania relocated to the great state of Florida. Amania chose to go through the legal process of becoming a United States citizen so she could proudly pledge her allegiance to the United States of America. As a Christian, she was drawn towards the Christian-principles this country was founded upon – the same principles which led to American exceptionalism that fosters opportunity, diversity, freedoms, and personal responsibility.


Amania is an entrepreneur with an Ecommerce Business and Author of devotional Books, including Notebooks and Journals. Amania is also a Political Commentator on her YouTube Channel, The Conservative Poet. Amania currently serves as the Secretary of the Florida Republican Assembly and the Vice President of Programs with the Pine Hill Republican Women Federated. Her volunteer work includes several local campaigns including The Trump Campaign and Ron DeSantis Campaign for Governor.


Amania enjoys reading, traveling, spending time with family & friends and her little dog Rocky.


Dolores Barton


Dolores Barton graduated from the University of South Florida with a B.A. Degree in Finance and a Masters Degree in Counselor Education. She is President, Right Choice Development & Construction, Inc. and a Florida real estate agent.  She has been married for over 30 years to Demensio Barton. God has blessed them with four beautiful children, ages 23 through 28, two boys and two girls. All four were homeschooled through high school.   She pastors with her husband at We Are One Ministries located in Orlando, FL. Her desire is to see people transformed by the Word of God in every area of life.

Rosemarie Roth


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